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Why is a White (or Composite) Filling Recommended?

Posted on June 16, 2016 at 12:40 AM

• Less healthy tooth needs to be removed to place a white filling. A white filling is bonded, or sealed to the tooth.  A silver filling (or an amalgam filling) is not. A larger part of healthy tooth needs to be removed to lock the filling in place. (see picture below)

• Less cracking involved overtime with a white filling. With a silver filling, like most metals, allows for expansion and contraction. So when eating/drinking the silver filling flexes and then pulls on the tooth. This pushing and pulling creates cracks in the tooth.

• White fillings match to tooth. With several shade colors to choose from, a white filling can match perfectly.

• White fillings harden instantly. It takes up to 24 hours for a silver filling to set up enough to eat on it.

• White fillings seal to the edges of the tooth and do not leak. Silver fillings, like most metals, will leak or corrode over time.

• White fillings are kinder to the environment. A special disposal system is needed to properly “throw away” scrap silver filling.

Any Reason a White Filling Wouldn’t Be Recommended?

• If someone isn’t able to stay open, a white filling isn’t recommended. In order to seal the filling in place, the dentist needs to keep the tooth super dry. One drop of saliva and the filling won’t stick.

Why Does My Insurance Cover Silver Fillings Better Than White Fillings?

Man years ago a silver filling was the only option. Thankfully, dental technology has evolved and progressed. Unfortunately, dental insurance companies have not. With new innovation, we feel, a white filling is a superior option. The white filling material in itself is more expensive. For that reason dental insurance doesn’t cover the cost as well. Your insurance company will never see your teeth. Insurance want the cheapest way to repair your teeth. We want the best way to repair your teeth.


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